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Among the main challenges emphasized by Europe 2020 and analyzed in Europe 2020 policy paper on quality of education and training are:

  • the compliance of the learning outcomes of the education and training systems with labour market conditions and skills needs and equipment of people with relevant skills that ensure their employability, and
  • participation by adults in lifelong learning activities that indicates a high commitment to invest in skills upgrading and competence-development throughout the life-cycle.

This can be seen as an effective response to challenges such as rapid technological progress, change of professional requirements , etc. Most of the partner countries’ indicators for employability of young adults and of participation by adults in lifelong learning activities are far below compared to Europe 2020 benchmarks. Some of them, like Bulgaria and Greece, are described as showing “alarmingly low levels”. Italy and Ireland are considering “facing serious challenges”. Countries like Austria and the UK are with better indicators but the tendency of growing migrant population in these two countries leads the same challenges to their doors also.

The rapidly developing technologies are additional challenges that need to be taken into account – by the young adults, but also by their trainers, career counsellors and guidance practitioners. As stated in the report The Future of Learning: Preparing for Change of the Joint Researched Center of the EU, “technology does not only affect what we will need to learn, but also how we will learn in the future.” A large number of researcher and analysts point out the impact of technological change on all life dimensions, including education and training and career counselling and guidance.

According to the European Internet Foundation , for example, the key to adequately preparing learners for life in a digital world is to “redesign education itself around participative, digitally-enabled collaboration within and beyond the individual educational institution”. They predict that by 2025 this will have become the dominant worldwide educational paradigm. Another pronounced need of the young adults is to improve transitions from education and training to the labor market and also through the different stages of their professional and career development. In addition, the Bruges Communique emphasizes on the need to foster career management skills for both young people and adults. The Council of European Union on its behalf considers globalization and prolongation of active employment period as “increasingly requiring individuals to adapt their skills, in order to remain ahead of foreseeable or necessary changes and to safeguard their career paths.”

The Prometheus project addresses the need for career counsellors and guidance practitioners to also consider these challenges and looks to aid in making the counselling process more relevant to the needs and attitudes of a new generation of digital natives by providing an online platform with peer networking opportunities and offering a repository of best practices and online guides and toolkits for counsellors.