Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED)

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Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Larissa, Greece

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) is an NGO that was founded in 2005 in Larissa, Greece. Its vision is to create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research and the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of businesses, creating long-lasting relationships with society and the academic community.

The IED provides assistance and services in the field of education, economic and social development promotes human rights and democracy and offers consulting and training services to organizations and individuals in the field of entrepreneurship, social economy, informal qualifications, vocational education and training, etc., through forums, publications, conferences/seminars, networking, collaboration with other institutions and other similar activities.

Its experience over the years, in both national and international projects, has been in the aforementioned fields, while it has built a vast network of contacts globally over the years. It is a member of the following networks: ALDA (Association of Local Democracy Agencies) – Union of institutions in the disposal of local and regional beginnings and urban social organizations which contribute to the local development of the Balkans and Eastern Europe; CRIN – Child Rights Information Network; Anna Lindh Network.

The IED has implemented a number of national and EU projects, with a focus on entrepreneurship, gender equality, and employment, the certification of informal qualifications, the social economy and social entrepreneurship. It has participated in a large number of Lifelong Learning Program projects, including the Leonardo Da Vinci Program and Grundtvig Program, both as partner and leader. In the context of the projects implemented, it has completed a large number of studies and research, organized and conducted workshops/conferences/meetings, developed innovative tools in a number of fields and has developed methodologies of certification of informal qualifications in a number of projects and sectors.