Centro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE)

PrometheusProject PartnersCentro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE)

CIAPE, Rome, Italy

CIAPE carries out training activities to develop and validate soft skills, as well as competences required in the future labor market. Its team has gained serious experience in EU, national and regional projects management. The organization is also a developer of innovative ideas to ensure the accessibility of learning to a wide range of target groups, such as students, seniors, professionals and groups at risk.

CIAPE is the European coordinator of the “Quality Apprenticeships European Network” within the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, a network involving businesses and VET organisations from 20 different countries in a European Network for the certification of learning outcomes deriving from the apprenticeship experiences.

CIAPE is an active member of CEDEFOP “European Qualifications Framework – Credit Transfer In VET” and of the “Quality Assurance in VET” communities. The team members are skilled in learning methods calibrated to adults’ exigencies and in the management of in-service training courses and study visits.

The organization is involved in several Projects concerning adult education, new green skills, and innovative learning media (mobile learning) as well as is an active player in the field of European Voluntary Service.

Website: http://www.ciape.it/