Aspire-igen, Yorkshire, UK

Aspire-igen is a not for profit social enterprise based in the Yorkshire and Humber region of the UK. The organisation is the largest careers guidance and training organisation in the region, offering careers guidance to young people in schools and colleges, and to adults through the National Careers Service.  It also provides vocational training for young people in a number of areas including, Business Administration, Customer Service, Hospitality, Motor Vehicle mechanics, preparation for the Armed Services as well as introduction to work preparation for young people at risk of social exclusion.  It is a member of Careers Yorkshire and the Humber, a partnership of similar organisations offering careers guidance in the region.  Through its Careers Europe department, it acts as a national resource centre for careers and connections services, schools, colleges and universities across the UK, providing information and support for people wishing to pursue opportunities in Europe and beyond. All the Careers Advisors work to the MATRIX quality standard.