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PrometheusProject Partners


The PROMETHEUS project team has been carefully established by the project coordinator Business Foundation for Education. The coordinator based the team establishment process on the expertise and resources required for the successful implementation and achievement of the preliminary set goals and results and the lessons learnt in the course of many previous projects.

The main criteria for the selection of project partners have been the following:

  • demonstrated interest in the topic addressed
  • existing expertise and experience for professional participation in the successful project implementation
  • proved potential for professional contribution and adding value to the project realization
  • already demonstrated pro-activeness and commitment to high quality performance, working in compliance with agreed and settled quality standards and deadlines
  • sharing similar approach in project team work, in particular spirit of respect, cooperation and support
  • sharing similar attitude of commitment to engaging in projects and initiatives with long-term impact and sustainable implementation and multiplication after the initial funding period
  • representation of different European societies in regard with the state-of-art of the career counselling sphere, achieved indicators for employability and lifelong learning participation compared to Europe 2020 benchmarks as well as geographical location
  • being able to fulfill all important tasks during the project implementation and reducing the tasks and services assigned to external counterparts to only external evaluation, domain and hosting purchase and hall rents.


BFE has already successfully worked with all the PROMETHEUS partners. Most of them know each other from previous joint projects and initiatives. The project team includes organizations from 6 European countries: BFE (Bulgaria), CIAPE (Italy), BEST (Austria), IED (Greece), Aspire-i Ltd. (UK) and CIT (Ireland). The distribution of responsibilities and tasks among the partners has been made in compliance with their main expertise and experience and thus potential for high quality coordination of the different planned activities.


The BFE has been working for years for the recognition of the career counselling profession in Bulgaria and Europe and on the establishment of the professional capacity for offering high quality career services. As official representative for the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) the BFE team has trained and certified an outstanding number of career counsellors from all dimensions of the labour market. In addition, the team has extensive experience in project coordination and cooperation. BFE will be responsible for the Project Management, Dissemination and Online Career Counselling Guide. Click here for more.


CIAPE is a recognized soft skills training provider. The organization is also very experienced in validation of soft skills and developing innovative ideas based on providing access to learning to wide range of target groups. The main focus of the organizations activities is the innovative learning media. CIAPE will be responsible for the PROMETHEUS peer network, including the production of the Empower Talks Movies Panel. Click here for more.


Cork Institute of Technology through its Department of Technology Enhanced Learning has a mission to innovate in education. They create different e-Learning environments, including Virtual Classrooms and other online platforms. CIT will be responsible for – the OER online platform. Click here for more.


The IED vision is to create an environment that promotes sense of entrepreneurship. They offer consulting and training services to different target groups and has developed innovative tools in a number of fields. They will be responsible for the elaboration of the PROMETHEUS Toolkit. Click here for more.


Aspire-igen. is the largest careers guidance and training organisation in the Yorkshire region of the UK, offering careers guidance to young people in schools and colleges, and to adults through the National Careers Service.  It also provides vocational training for young people in a number of areas. They will be responsible for Career Pathways Research and Analysis. Click here for more.

BEST is an independent vocational qualification institute with an outstanding experience in training provision and delivering, wide range of target groups addressed as well as developer of constantly updated e-Learning based trainings. They will be responsible for the 100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book elaboration. Click here for more.